Hi SS:

This can happen. It happens in my truck in the winter if I bring a disc from the warm inside. The 
disc gets fogged and won't play, or it fogs the plastic lens on the laser, or something similar. Let 
the car warm up and the problem stops. Also, if there's dust inside the machine, humidity could make 
it gummy clump that could settle on the laser lens. The cleaning brush could have scraped that away. 
Bottom line is, humidity and recordings usually don't mix well. Best to invest in a new 

This also could be seen as an endorsement of a flash-memory recorder or a DAW. Theoretically, a DAW 
computer would be hot enough inside, and have fans moving air, so a certain amount of ambient 
humidity will "burn off". However, downright soppy conditions would probably negatively effect a 
hard drive. A flash recorder, I would think, could handle a pretty high humidity level before 
crapping out. Plus a flash recorder has the old "tape recorder" feel to it, no computer programs to 

-- Tom Fine

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  I was recently making a CD recording for a private collector, using a JVC deck, which has worked 
flawlessly many-a-time. Monitoring the tape playback, everything sounded just fine. In listening to 
the CD result, there was distortion, and generally lousy sound. I thought it might have been a plug 
making intermittent electrical contact, and checked this, along with every other connection. Round 
two of recording produced the same results. Since we just had a dehumidifier decide to die on us, I 
wondered if maybe the high humidity might be causing troubles...lately it has been raining a lot, 
with terrible humidity. Suicide could go outside and take a deep breath, and drown 
yourself. I put on our air conditioning for a while before attempting another session, and put in a 
laser cleaner disc, just prior to recording. This seems to have taken care of the problem. The next 
recording came out fine. Apparently, the laser was getting fogged from the humidity. Have any of you 
experienced this kind of problem? I'd be interested to hear what your remedies might have been.  SS