Steve Abrams wrote:
> You are using FLAC Frontend 1.2.1.  Perhaps that is too far out of 
> date.  I am using 1.7.1. and that is probably not the latest version.

The latest version of FLAC is 1.2.1b . The lastest version of FLAC 
Frontend is 1.7 but that has nothing to do with FLAC itself. (FLAC 
Frontend is merely a third-party graphical interface to the command-line 
FLAC program.) lists all sorts of conversion, 
burning, and playing programs available on a wide range of OS platforms.

I myself use Linux, which includes FLAC by default; you can join the 
split files in Linux (and probably in Mac OS X since it's actually UNIX) 
by opening a terminal window and typing

cat Blumlein.flac.001 Blumlein.flac.002 Blumlein.flac.003 > Blumlein.flac

The resulting file plays perfectly for me. Thank you for taking the 
trouble to encode and upload it.

Michael Shoshani