I have a 10" aluminum record with the brand name Perma Disk that I
need to digitize.  It has three holes (two in addition to the standard
center hole) and instructions on either side to "play outside in" and
"play inside out."  Although the turntable I have isn't
bi-directional, recording it backwards and then reversing the sound
wouldn't be difficult.

What I'm wondering is whether or not the equipment I have will work.
I have a stylus for playing 78s (the disk is recorded at 78 speed),
but that's for shellac disks, and I assume that there's a different
stylus for aluminum.  There is also one that I just found in a cabinet
(this equipment was purchased long before I started working here) that
says it's "2.7 mil, 78/transcription."  Would this be the right one
for the aluminum disc?  And are those other two holes really
necessary, or can I use the turntable we have?  If I do need a new
stylus for this, can anyone recommend the proper one and where to get

Actually, I'm not even 100% sure this is aluminum.  The disk is black
like an LP, but the edge is metallic colored.  I found a picture of
the label at (about 1/4 of the way
down the page), and it appears that this company made disks of glass,
steel, and simply "metal" in the third example (which most closely
resembles the one I have, but my label is blue).  Anyone have any


Trey Bunn
Audiovisual Conservator
Emory University Libraries
Preservation Office
Atlanta, GA