I have two piles of LPs for giveaway here. USA addresses only. PLEASE PING OFF-LIST IF INTERESTED.

1. A dozen or so German-language records, everything from um-pah beer songs to some Christmas music. 
They are generally real-deal German records, German pressings. This will be somewhere around $10 
Media Mail. Some are in paper sleeves, most are in original packaging.

2. A few dozen various LPs, mostly Kapp records, lots of Roger Williams piano stuff. A couple of 10" 
early-era LPs of movie soundtrack music and one very old Columbia LP. This will be somewhere around 
$20 Media Mail. Here's a brief on Williams:

PLEASE PING ME OFF-LIST IF INTERESTED. First commit to pay, first get. You can have one or both pile 
but I'm not splitting out individual records. Hopefully these old relics will find a new home.

-- Tom Fine