Hi Bob:

This is where my idea of a week or so ago comes in -- the direct-magnetic-to-high-rez-digital 
concept. A forward-thinking (and somewhat deep-pocketed) copyright-owner would transfer all their 
tapes this way and then be able to batch-accomodate whatever format-of-the-moment is needed. More 
care (and human hands) would be taken for the premium-priced audiophile-oriented formats, which 
realistically speaking will likely be niche products (but can be profitable niches).

-- Tom Fine

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> From Tom Fine: "...The idea is that a wide variety of
> deep-catalog content, if made constantly available in a medium that costs
> little to distribute (ie digital downloads) will, in sum, be profitable over
> time. The key is over time."
> Let's not forget the major labels have only just come out from under a cloud
> that left who will own what very much up in the air. I understand a huge
> problem has been determining what royalties are involved and even the actual
> ownership of masters. Contrary to what one reads, royalty agreements and
> master ownership have always been all over the map. Another issue has been
> an appropriate file format so that everything doesn't need to be re-encoded
> every year or so.
> I have no doubt that the future of recorded music catalogs is precisely this
> but I don't think it's quite as easy to accomplish as it sounds. I'm sure
> the folks involved want to set everything up once correctly rather than have
> it remain an endless work in progress that never really becomes profitable.
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