Apologies for cross-posting.

I recently acquired a couple hundred reels of big band airchecks that had 
belonged to discographer and reissue producer Ross Brethour. Most if not all 
were obtained by trading with other collectors and are quarter track, 3.75 IPS, 
5 inch reels (not sure if there are some 7-inchers as well). I see lots of
Dorsey, Kenton, some BG, an Ellington concert in stereo from 1957 (I might
pinch this one), Harry James at the 1939 World's Fair (no idea if Frankie boy
is on any of the James tapes). There are also tapes made from transcriptions
and V-Discs and some that are obviously dubs from commercial recordings (not
too many of these).

I have neither the space to store them nor the time to do anything serious with
this stuff. Is anybody interested? I'll provide more info but I'd like to see
this all go as one big lump. 2 full milk crates, one partial milk crate and one
large box full. Okay, so that's 4 big lumps..probably 4 bankers boxes' worth.

Any interest? $100 plus shipping (i.e. my cost).