I recorded the broadcast via digital satellite (Sky) on the hard disc of my 
standalone DVD recorder.  I should be able to post it in Flac using HJ 
Split.  However, for reasons I won't go into now it may be about a week 
before I get around to it.

The walking and talking scenes are quite vivid, but the Beecham is still 
disappointing.  Much of the programme is devoted to Blumlein's work on 

Steve Abrams

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>I had the same problem and filled in the e-mail a technical problem report 
>form. I will report back if I hear anything.
> Why is the BBC so particular about what audio is where for how long 
> on-line? They seem much more restrictive than NPR, for example. I thought 
> UK copyright laws were less draconian than US??? I can see about being 
> restrictive about music-off-records contemporary shows, but what 
> commercial value does the content of this program have?
> -- Tom Fine
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>> At  8/4/2008 10:26 AM, you wrote:
>>>Was this archived? I can't find it on BBC4 - looks like it would have 
>>>been a fascinating program.
>> The program should be available through BBC Radio's "Listen Again" 
>> feature:
>> However, I have been getting an error message why I try to play it. I 
>> have sent a query to the Beeb about this asking if they can fix it. If 
>> anybody else can successfully play this program, please let the rest of 
>> us know.
>> John Ross