Yes, this was indeed very common! I know one former music exec who still gets mad discussing this 
topic. Of course the last laugh is on this music exec because reviewers who sold off the product of 
this label at pennies on the dollar back in the day left dozens of dollars on the table as many 
titles' original pressings are very valualbe today.

Reputable reviewers did not do this, for the most part. Indeed a huge and valuable collection of LPs 
has been solid off in bits recently by the estate of a jazz critic. He apprently kept just about 
everything, to the great benefit of his heirs.

In later years, DJs and radio stations were as bad about this as the reviewers.

Review copies of CD's show up often in the used channel, sometimes still-prewrapped (but with a 
burn-out over the UPS symbol or a sticker on the wrapping indicating it's a reviewer copy). With so 
many titles out of print now, this is a Good Thing.

-- Tom Fine

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> From John Ross: "...cut-outs were provided to retailers
> at a much lower wholesale price, without return privileges. The hole
> or notch or cut-off corner identified an LP as a cut-out, for which
> the wholesaler would not issue full (or any) credit upon return..."
> What was also very common, if not more so, were promotional copies that were
> sent to reviewers and broadcasters (sometimes by the case!) who would then
> sell them to local record stores.
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