When I was reviewing, free records and a  Friday Evening  party with free 
deli food was the only payment.

I suggested to the editor that even a minimal dollar amount could be 
declared as income and would suffice with the IRS to write off the cost of 
books and scores.  Deponent said no.

Steve Smolian

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> Yes, this was indeed very common! I know one former music exec who still 
> gets mad discussing this topic. Of course the last laugh is on this music 
> exec because reviewers who sold off the product of this label at pennies 
> on the dollar back in the day left dozens of dollars on the table as many 
> titles' original pressings are very valualbe today.
> Reputable reviewers did not do this, for the most part. Indeed a huge and 
> valuable collection of LPs has been solid off in bits recently by the 
> estate of a jazz critic. He apprently kept just about everything, to the 
> great benefit of his heirs.
> In later years, DJs and radio stations were as bad about this as the 
> reviewers.
> Review copies of CD's show up often in the used channel, sometimes 
> still-prewrapped (but with a burn-out over the UPS symbol or a sticker on 
> the wrapping indicating it's a reviewer copy). With so many titles out of 
> print now, this is a Good Thing.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> From John Ross: "...cut-outs were provided to retailers
>> at a much lower wholesale price, without return privileges. The hole
>> or notch or cut-off corner identified an LP as a cut-out, for which
>> the wholesaler would not issue full (or any) credit upon return..."
>> What was also very common, if not more so, were promotional copies that 
>> were
>> sent to reviewers and broadcasters (sometimes by the case!) who would 
>> then
>> sell them to local record stores.
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