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> Steven C. Barr wrote:
>> #1...Yes, "cut-outs" still exist...albeit in a different form...!
>> #2...I have so far acquired an impressive collection of Hindsight CD's...
>> for $1 each at "Dollarama" (Canadian listeners take note...!!)
>> #3...I also acquired ten or twelve cassettes on the "Alligator" label...
>> again for $1 another local "dollar store"...?!
>> Moral of the story:  yes, record labels still have to dispose of
>> stuff that DIDN'T sell (and may NEVER...?!)...! To-day's
>> "cut-outs" are most likely to be CD's...but, there are STILL
>> CD's that didn't...and won't...sell, and therefore have to be
>> disposed of...?!
>> Check yer local "dollar store," folkses...?!
>> Steven C. Barr
> Another source I forgot about. I've found interesting items there, such as 
> early 90s CDs on oddball European labels, parts of sets like disc 1 of 
> what looks like a comprehensive Fats Domino survey, some of my old 
> Intersound box sets split up as single discs..
Ah, Canada and Europe (but NOT in the US of A...?!), sound 
fall into the "public domain" fifty (and a bit) years from their being,

The good news is that if you can prove that the offending party actually 
your may well have a legal "case!!" The BAD news is that, if
you elect to dispute this matter, you will need a lawyer...and THEIR rates
start at about $300/hour, and rapidly go UP therefrom...!

In fact, the end of the world as we know it will NOT be nuclear warfare...
rather, it will be the last two lawyers left standing, in the ruins of what
USED to be a court-room , each trying to sue the other for a sum
of money...!


Steven C. Barr