The University of Chicago's Language Archives were using this last  
year when I left. If anyone wants to know how it works, I will try to  
put you in touch with the technicians who did the work--I know there  
were problems with the hardware.


Barbara Need

On 15 Aug 2008, at 16:31, Malcolm Smith wrote:

> Does no one use Bias Peak Pro and Bias Soap pro? I used this  
> combination to copy and process about 1500 LPs and it seemed to me  
> to be excellent. Some were desperate saves and the software seemed  
> to deal with just about any problem. It does need a fast computer  
> and a fair amount of ram but I assume that's the case with any  
> audio software. It does have a learning curve but many of the  
> functions one doesn't use so that's not a great problem. I have not  
> used the software listed below.
> Malcolm Smith.