Nope... and I looked.

I made a comment to George that maybe he might consider doing such a paper
and I believe there was interest there...

Now if he only had the time!




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At 09:36 AM 8/19/2008, Bob Olhsson wrote:
>Many of us have been holding developers' heels to the fire on this issue
>a decade and great strides have been made by the most common pro
>A very simple, although obviously not conclusive test is to record a 16 bit
>source in a 24 or 32 bit file and count the active bits that come out which
>should still be 16, assuming dithering has been disabled for test.

Do you know of any paper--I would assume in the JAES--detailing the 
problem, progress, or lackthereof with hard science and data?  Of 
course, I'm asking for something besides the previously mentioned 
talk George Blood gave at the conference this year.