Tom Fine asks:
>What DSP RIAA "decoder" do you recommend?

None that I have ever used.   ;-)  I make my own in software tailored to
the analogue part of my chain and recalibrated via pink noise periodically
('cause that analog stuff changes, as I mentioned).

To have an additional sort of verification that I am doing things
correctly, I will use a digitally-mastered LP compared to its CD release. 
(I keep several of these for this purpose.)  The results tend to be quite
good. Some clients even prefer the LP file to the bit-identical digital
file from CD.  Everyone's ears are a little different...

>Do you also do this for tapes (ie take a flat feed at either head levels
>or no-EQ amplified level and decode in the computer)?

I have done this, but most of the tapes I transfer these days have Dolby
SR or some such scheme which prohibits me from taking this approach. 
Maybe, one of these centuries, Dolby, Telcom and other processes will be
available for software decoding and tweaking.


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