Hi Frank:

THANKS for a less-costly alternative. I had a MicroTek way back for my first scanner in the 
mid-90's. It was an SCSI model and that's the only reason I don't use it now (none of my current 
computers have SCSI cards), aside from that it's slow. Yeah, it cost $300 back then even as a 
factory-refurb, but it made wonderful scans and had the best auto-color/auto-contrast settings I've 
ever used. 95+% of what came off the scanner needed zero work in Photoshop, I usually scanned right 
into Acrobat because I knew I could trust the results. It also put out reliably crisp text for easy 
OCR work.

I will absolutely look at this large-format Microtek. I didn't know they were still in business, I 
figured HP and Epson had driven all the small guys out of the scanner biz by commoditizing the 
mainstream market at $50-75 for a home-use scanner.

-- Tom Fine

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The Microtek Lab Scanner 9800 XL flatbed scanner with transparency adapter
is becoming the scanner of choice for the dental profession because of its
ability to scan panoramic x-rays. It is capable of usb, firewire or SCSI.  I
notice that it also has a pretty large scan bed, possibly large enough to
accommodate lp album covers.  They are available new at several locations
online for about $1400 with the transparency adapter and somewhat less

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> We have the same scanner and so far have only positive comments (other than
> its price!).
> Darren
> On 12 aug 2008, at 18.35, Rene' Payne wrote:
>  I am using the Epson Expression 10000XL.  I like it so much I'm buying a
>> second one to keep up with the work flow.
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