Mike Hirst <[log in to unmask]>:
>However, reading Goran Finnberg's comments re the work dome by George 
>Blood, I am surprised to find that different combinations of software 
>and hardware can produce different results.

I am stunned by this statement.

This is *not* to be interpreted as a slam against Mike Hirst or anyone
else who does not know how different software/hardware combinations can
produce wildly different results.  It is merely an expression of shock
that such knowledge isn't common in the field and apparently isn't
imparted from day one of study.  The idea that
digital-is-digital-(is-perfect) could not be further from the truth.  The
first test any system should undergo is whether or not bits pass
unmolested (if no deliberate processing is applied) from input to output
back to input.  You will be amazed how many "high-end" systems fail this
test.  One of the reasons that I still regularly use a twelve-year-old
editing system for much final assembly of my work is that I can be sure
that the data are not being altered unless I specifically *tell* the
software to do it.

Maybe I do need to write that book, after all.  I never envisioned myself
as a crotchety old guy keeping the young whippersnappers on the
straight-and-narrow but I am evolving in that direction.  ;-)

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