May I suggest you look at the site of The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society.   They have published a number of useful things.
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D P Ingram <[log in to unmask]> wrote: 
  Hi. I am looking for some recommendations (both online and print) for 
cylinder discographies covering the various series. I have checked the 
usual sources I have and draw a blank and a general Google has not 
been my friend. An example of the cylinder is given just to indicate 
an example of the sort I am seeking a discography for.

1. Edison Bell Records (N.P. Records) with text on rim out "outside in 
(i.e. not like Blue Amberol's "inside out") i.e. 10187 London Con. 
Orch/Love's Last Waltz.

2. Columbia (black wax? looks black more than brown) with word 
"Columbia" on rim out "outside in (i.e. not like Blue Amberol's 
"inside out") and all other text the other way around, i.e. 32528 
Pretty as a butterfly, Orchestra Bells.

3. Edison Gold Moulded Record (2min), i.e. Bell Solo from the Magic 
Flute/Benzler nr 9324. This appears to be a different name in series 
to 1 above.

I'm sure there will be more by the time my spreadsheet is done !

Cheers, Darren

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