The loading of the cartridge was one of the first things I checked out.
As a cartridge is obviously a coil of wire (an inductor) and has
capacitance, nothing could even start to be right without setting up
proper loading for the particular cartridge. All that said, this is a
pretty casual project to show my sons how different mastering to vinyl
really was. Doesn't mean I want to do it badly... but it isn't for
archive. ...just trying to educate a new generation to what things could
sound like. Pity I don't have the financial resources to have the best
of analog phono preamps. More is the pity, but I haven't forgotten
either... :>)


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From Tom Fine: " I just don't trust DSP enough."

Nor do I but Gerzon's work is a real exception. His tape eq.
curves test accurate to a tenth of a dB. Nothing else comes close, a
bargain for $150 list. I don't trust most audio software developers.

That said, the proper loading of phono cartridges is critical and no
software can correct that.

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