Now will somebody PLEASE make the Borderline Books titles available again ? Especially "The Magic Land" ?


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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Mercury MG10000 series listing or discography
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Date: Saturday, August 30, 2008, 9:21 PM

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>>> Tom Fine wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have a listing or better yet a discography of the 
>>>> Mercury MG10000 series, the first LP's? 
> David Lennick wrote:
> > > Best place would be the back of one of the old albums, where
> listed available recordings in lieu of liner notes
> > From just such an album as I mentioned, which may have been used in 
> Canada only
> Why bother re-inventing the wheel?  There IS a discography with a 
> numerical listing of this and all other Mercury series.  Ruppli amd 
> Novitsky's "The Mercury Labels."  This 10000 series is on
pages 494 thru 
> 499 of Volume 5 and the 10-inch 15000 series is on pages 482-3.  I'm 
> surprised that Tom, of all people, doesn't apparently have this 
> discography set!  Actually, I only have volume 4 and 5 which popped up 
> astonishingly cheap as new loose volumes on a book site last year.   Vol 
> 4 includes the 69-91 era and ALL the classical recordings back to the 
> beginning.  Vol 5 is the numerical listings and artist index.  So if I 
> had to have only two of the five, those were the best to find.  I'll
> glad to provide Tom with photocopies of these pages, as keyboarding all 
> of this on the list would be very time and bandwidth consuming.
I suspect that all too many of our listeners are in the same situation 
as myself...?! Over the last two or three years, I have seen Gazillions
of new discographic works sold at impressively-low
special prices...and then suddenly become "OBSOLETE--NO LONGER
AVAILABLE"...meaning one's only choice is to hope to see a seriously-
overpriced used copy via eWotsit or equivalent...!