On most commercial Edison black wax two and four minute and Blue  
Amberol recordings you'll see something like this:

PATD . . 14

The two dots after the PATD is the take number and the Arabic number  
is the mold number used. In the above example it is take 2 and the  
recording comes from the 14th mold. As molds wore out they created a  
new one and it was inscribed with the next number in the series.

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On Aug 5, 2008, at 2:32 AM, D P Ingram wrote:

> All:
> May I just check an understanding or be corrected a misunderstanding.
> On many cylinders one has a small number often after the cylinder  
> number in about 1/3 the font size, ie.2180 4. Sometimes it can  
> appear before the cylinder number and after the Edison trademark.  
> Is this a take number or is this a production version number (i.e.  
> 1 is the first "cut" and maybe 4 might be the last version made?
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