Lynn --


I myself have been collecting articles on similar topics as of late, and
here are 2 that I think you might find useful:


Prom, Christopher J. "User Interactions with Electronic Finding Aids in
a Controlled Setting". The American Archivist, Vol. 67 (Fall/Winter
2004), p. 234-268.


Malin, Gwynneth. "'Digitize This!': The Impact of Digital Collections on
Archival Description. Journal of Archival Organization, Vol. 1(4) 2002,
p. 65-76.



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Hi Lynn --

These two articles were recommended to me a few weeks ago by Jane
Stevenson of Archive Hub.  Alas, I haven't had a chance to track them
down yet myself...

Duff & Stoyanova: Transforming the Crazy Quilt (1998) A study using
focus groups to obtain users' opinions on the content and format of
displays in archival information systems. Archivaria 45 (Spring 1998).

Wendy Scheir, First Entry: Report on a Qualitative Exploratory Study of
Novice User Experience with Online Finding Aids. Journal of Archival
Organization (2005)


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Is anyone aware of any research/literature on online finding aids or
digital collections and user experience? I am interested in anything
from design/presentation/discovery to who is using them, how, and to
what purpose.

Thank you,