That’s right, our beloved standard is 10 years old this year. It’s time to collectively take stock and to look toward the future.


In celebration, we are having a symposium at the SAA Annual Meeting. Sunday, August 30th. Details are on the SAA website, but I just want to tell you all what a great event this is going to be. Presentations will give a sense of what the impact on EAD has been (and will be) on European practice, and we have a great line up of crystal-ball gazers who will give us their insights into what the next 10 years will bring. Please join us!


Registration is free for RLG Program Partners (email me off the list, and I will give you the code).

(Not sure if you are an RLG Program Partner? Check here: )


More details can be found on the SAA website:


Questions? Please ask.






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