I've noticed that no older examples of <accessCondition>, containing only character data (a string), validate with the MODS 3.3 schema. There is a comment in the schema that the redefinition was designed to allow a string or <extension> to occur:

<xsd:complexType name="accessConditionType">
<xsd:documentation>506, 540</xsd:documentation>
<xsd:extension base="extensionType">
<!-- ************************* definition revised in 3.3 *************************
** base="extensionType" rather than string. extensionType is **
** mixed content, and minOccurs=0 was added to its definition **
** so the result is that this definition now supports a string (as **
** before) or an extension.
but that isn't happening. Can the schema be corrected to work as the comment states?

Joe Altimus
Arizona State University Libraries