I agree, implementing sooner does no harm, provides immediate benefits 
amd is less clean-up. My message to autocat promised to provide guidelines
and a statement of when PCC is implementing this-- how about if I get in
touch with the standards committee this week to work on a statement saying
when we are implementing and some short guidelines? We'll aim to get it
done sooner rather than later, post it on the PCC website and announce it.


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On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, Robert Maxwell wrote:

> It is my opinion that if this is going to happen in a few months, which it evidently is, and OCLC (or somebody) is going to have to do a cleanup later to change 440s to 490s and add 830s, why not start now and have less to clean up? It is not somehow un-MARCish or illegal to quit using 440 just because it is not yet officially obsolete. In fact, 490/830 was the practice for a while several years ago even when the series could have been traced from 440.
> Starting immediately has the advantage of allowing us to control all series, not just those traced in 8XX. It also has the advantage of helping local systems like ours that get all balled up authorizing series with initial articles that are coded 440.
> So I'm in favor of just biting the bullet and starting now. In fact, my own PCC records may be some of the renegades your cataloger has noticed, although I suspect I'm not the only one :-)
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> Subject: 440 obsolescence
> One of our catalogers has noticed that some PCC/BIBCO catalogers
> apparently have implemented the recent MARBI decision to make the 440
> field obsolete, even though the MARC Update representing this and other
> decisions made at ALA Annual 2008 will not be issued for some time.
> Since PCC has not yet made any decision to implement these 440 and 490
> changes early, my assumption has been that for those of us who continue to
> trace series, if the series statement and the series access point are the
> same we would continue to use field 440 until it is officially obsolete or
> until the PCC formally implements this change early.  Am I mistaken about
> this?
> Adam
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