The steps in this particular “dance” may seem a little obscure to
learn, but are probably easy to remember:

First, in LCRI 24.4C, under “c) Form of qualifier,” is the
instruction “When adding the name of the government as a qualifier,
use its catalog-entry form as modified by 23.4A1; 24.4C1, second
paragraph; and appendix B.14.” 

Second, in AACR2 23.4A1 (following that reference), the second
instruction is “If the place name is being used as an addition,
precede the name of a larger place by a comma.”

Last, in 24.4C1 (following that reference), the last instruction is
“Do not include the additions to names of places prescribed in 24.6
when the names of these places are used to indicate the location of
corporate bodies.”  (“Township” is such an addition in the example
you cited.)

So, when establishing a heading based on “Name” with heading
“Cranberry (Butler County, Pa. : Township)” as the source of the
qualifier, the qualifier you add in the heading is:

     Name (Cranberry, Butler County, Pa.)

The example you cited with Betzer Union Church looks like a mistake. 
No surprise if there are some more, although one hopes not too many. 
But if you follow the above LCRI and AACR2 instructions, you should be

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Library of Congress.)

>>> "Herrold, Charles" <[log in to unmask]> 8/19/2008 5:36 PM

     I need to add the place: Cranberry (Butler County, Pa. : Township)
as a qualifier, and I can’t find instructions on how to do that. From
relevant examples, I deduce that the parentheses are removed, but
sometimes Township is kept and sometimes it is not, e.g.:


Betzer Union Church (Bloom, Fairfield County, Ohio : Township)




Dravo Methodist Church (Elizabeth, Allegheny County, Pa.)


There seems to be a bias towards the first of these formulations.


Also, why is a 410 sometimes made from the place, e.g.:


Elizabeth (Allegheny County, Pa. : Township). b Dravo Methodist Church


I find many ARs for religious institutions that lack the reference from
their location. Again, a search in Chapter 26 has not given me an



Chuck Herrold

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh




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