And if it is "necessary to look at the details of every record," all the more reason to simply continue to use the concept of an undifferentiated name record where you can see the different entities represented in one record who use the same heading.

Yes, indeed, Kevin does have it!  And so does Denise by her own admission.  Let's remember that all of the work we do should result in helping people make connections--have access to--the materials we are organizing.


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I agree with Kevin on this.  If I am trying to distinguish between two authors with the same name ("Smith, John" certainly being one of the worst examples), I always hope that there will be something in the heading itself that will help me narrow down the possibilities.  If authors were distinguished only by "A", "B", etc., it would be necessary to look at the details of every record until one stumbled across the right person.

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Something like a date, place, occupation, etc. is able to support
the FRAD user tasks of "identify" and "contextualize".  I don't think an
arbitrary code would help in that regard.

I would like to think that we're assembling the data for *people*, not just
for machines.

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