I have no objection to forwarding my message. However, I have a correction to make. I think the original plan was that the PCC Standing Committee on Standards was going to forward our recommendation to the PCC Policy Committee, not the PCC Steering Committee, as I had said in my earlier message. Apparently the recommendation of the Task Force went to the PCC Steering Committee at the same time that it went to the Standing Committee on Standards.

I actually was not even aware that the PCC Steering Committee was the group that would be making a final decision on the recommendations of the Task Force. I have read the PCC Governance Document on the PCC Website, and it's still not clear to me who actually makes these kinds of decisions, but judging from the original message from the PCC Steering Committee, which says, "The PCC Steering Committee has therefore decided on the following series policy for all levels of PCC bibliographic records, effective immediately ... " it looks like it is, in fact, a done deal.


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  Hi folks:

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