Thanks Mike!

Was Swan one of those little labels that Mercury bought up in the 40's or was it a Mercury imprint?

-- Tom Fine

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> No idea about what still exists, but this Don Redman material has 
> been issued on at least two CDs (from dubs, I presume). These are 
> "Complementary Tracks" by Classics and "Hot Lips Page Story" by Jazz Archives.
> Full details of the Emperors of Jazz recordings may be found in 
> Ruppli's Mercury book and under Phil Napoleon's name in other jazz 
> discographies (and a quick Google search of "dixieland classics" 
> "phil napoleon" will also work). The sessions were April 10, 12, May 
> 16, 17, 1946 in New York. These made it to LP on EmArcy but 
> apparently not CD (though I see some homemade transfers being offered).
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