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In an avant-garde classical music concert in Carnegie Recital Hall, with 
many composers,  Charlie Morrow played a trumpet line which I recorded, then 
recorded successive ones over the previous one(s).  We used speakers, not 
headphones. I think we used two tape recorders rather than sel-sync but it 
was the 60s and I can't say that I remember this bash clearly.

 It was considered by some as the first minimalist concert and is so 
identified somewhere in Grove-

 Steve Smolian
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> At 04:26 PM 2008-09-18, Michael Biel wrote:
>>Yesterday I had a chance to look thru the bio of Les Paul by Mary Alice 
> ...
> Thanks for the great post. Yes, I think we all agree that the PER(P) head 
> arrangement was a horrid trap used as described, but I do think we have 
> confirmation he did it at least for a while. In fact, this one-shot 
> overdubbing scheme is news as very few people would have the courage to 
> try it.
> I recall my audio/photography mentor telling me about this in the 1960s 
> and likening it to his tricolour carbon prints where at the last minute 
> the entire image could wash off the base and go down the drain after hours 
> of work.
>>Sel-Sync seems to be the hold-up, but I would need to take some time to 
>>pull out the catalogs to see how early this shows up.
> The oral histories here
> might be of some use.
> Unfortunately, Ross Snyder passed on in January of this year. There is 
> little doubt that it was Ross who came up with the design and name 
> SelSync. At the time, Ampex didn't see the need to patent it.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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