Here in Italy, in the State Archive of LUCCA we have opened just on friday 2008.sep.5th, the site
that is all based on XML/XSLT technology, with no database and with description from the main division, down to single final documents with their images: there are actually about 22.000 parchments and 6.000 maps: all free and accessible and readable in the nax detail.
The structure of this repository we call e_ASLU is a tree, not EAD compliant but in some way similar: moving to EAD will be our next job
It is full Italian with the english version non jet complete.
The site is tested with Internet Explorex 6 and 7. Problems can arise with use of other browsers (up to now).
For any question anybody can contact me,
Giovanni Tartaglione
P.M. e_ASLU project
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Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 10:46 PM
Subject: Display of container lists in online finding aids

I was wondering if anyone can point to any of their favorite examples of finding aids that are displayed online.


I am particularly looking for finding aids that integrate digitized objects somehow, but I am also interested in any examples of “container lists”/”collection contents” that are considered to be displayed in a coherent and useful manner.



Mark Custer