Hi Kathryn,

I'm not sure if this helps or not, but we also use NoteTab, with the EAD
Cookbook loaded onto to it.  We've tweaked all of the components
substantially and have created a zip file.  Both our version and the
original Chris Prom version unzip and create directories on the C drive
only.  We've found that we can not "share" files on our networked
drives; we can copy them only.  We can only
work/create/edit/parse/transform when it is on our C drive.  I'm not
sure exactly what NCEAD is, but perhaps the program and package have to
be loaded individually on each C drive as the Cookbook.  We also
purchased additional licenses. 
 Hope that helps...

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I am the processing archivist and the primary encoder in a growing 
shop.  We use NoteTab Light with NCEAD_2002 clips and stylesheets.  Four

computers, used by student employees and one archivist tech, are 
networked to mine.   Until recently, I created all new files, but the 
staff and grad asst. will begin creating files as well.  In our test 
runs, we have learned that none of the networked computers can create 
new proper finding aids.  They do not insert the administrative 
information, such as the institutional name, header entity, etc., within

the document.  Two also have pop-up boxes stating that there was an

Can anyone tell from this brief description whether this is a network 
issue or a style sheet issue? 


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