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Dear AT users and other interested folks,


The 1.1.22 version (1.5 Beta) of the Archivists'  Toolkit has been
released for team and community testing.  This new version can be
acquired at


We invite all interested persons to participate in this testing.
Instructions for testing and submitting test results are located at the
bottom of the AT 1.1 beta web page:


The AT 1.1.22 (1.5 Beta) version will be available for testing until at
least Friday, Oct. 10.  


The 1.1.22 (1.5 Beta) version is not intended to support production


A beta database test instance is provided for testers who do not want to
create a test database at their home site.  The connection settings for
the test database instance are at:  


AT 1.5 will be released shortly after testing of the current beta
version is successfully completed.


The AT is an open-source collection management / metadata authoring
application funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 


New features added to 1.1.22 (1.5 Beta) include: 


*	Improved searching
*	Support for multiple users for resource records
*	Customizable Rapid Data Entry screen
*	Improved drag & drop (re-arrangement) tool
*	Support for Java 1.6


And more:


*	New stylesheets for HTML and EAD to PDF
*	Improved Name import
*	Printable and savable import / export logs
*	Improved import / export of EADs
*	Intermittent "Save" function
*	Improved feedback throughout the AT application


We would like to thank everybody in advance for assisting with this
testing process and for your continuing interest in the Archivists'


Brad Westbrook
AT Project Manager