I'm teaching 440 and 490/8XX for right now. I don't want to teach the
new way until it is implemented. I have too many school librarians who
are going to jump into positions soon - they'll need to know the old
way. I am, however, doing a little lecture about the new procedure -
just so they know what's coming. I hope it is implemented soon! 



Gretchen L. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Library and Information Studies
Texas Woman's University

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Hi. How are you dealing with teaching the series MARC fields for

Teaching the proposed abandonment of 440 and using 490 1 and 8XX only?

Teaching both the old (440) and the new ways?

Something else?

Thanks for any input.

Linda Kamoji
Indiana University Libraries
Cataloging manager and Adjunct Lecturer