We received the following request, the sender believing the item had been
produced by the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Justice.
We have found no evidence of that, so are now turning to other feds and the
world of historical libraries.   Please feel free to pass this on to anyone
you think may know of this title/series:

first tidbit of info:
 I have a question:

In 1991 the US Bureau of Land Management with the Department of Justice
released a CD-ROM titled “U.S. History”.

I was wondering if you are aware of this CD and where I might get a copy.

Amplification, of a sort....:
U.S. Bureau of Land Management with Department of Justice.
U.S. History on CD-ROM [Using 66 of 102 Volumes] Washington D.C. 1991
Chapter 4 titled “Exploring the Great American West”

Trails of White Savages by Gary Wiles & Delores Brown
Photosensitive 1998 (LCC = 97-763332)
Bibliography page 337, 333
Hope you can find this CD as is sounds like something worth reading.

Thank you!

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