The technical library at the U.S. Army, NSRDEC is discarding unbound journal issues that are excess to our collection.
Suspense will be October 15th, preference given to libraries wanting larger runs and then first come first served for individual issues.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
        v.51 - v.54 (1990-1991)
        v.57 - v.75 no.3 (1993-2002)
        missing v.57 no.6, v.58 no.1&6, v.64 no.1, v.71 no.4-6

American Journal of Clinical Pathology
        v.85 - v.87 no.2 (1986-1987)
        v.99 - v.104 (1993-1995)

American Journal of Emergency Medicine
        v.3 - v.14 (1985-1996)

American Journal of Pathology
        v.122-v.125 (1986)

Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine
        v.68 no.7 - v.75 no.5 (1997-2004)

Critical Reviews in Microbiology
        v.12 - v.22 (1985-1996)

Physician and Sportsmedicine
        v.14 - v.24 (1986-1996)
        missing v.15 no.12, v.18 no.8, v.21 no.1-3, v.23 no.12, v.24 no.12


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