It's only LCNAF if it comes from the authority file.  The 
bibliographic files are awash with authorized and non-authorized 
versions of personal names.  You can search the Library of Congress 
Authority files at which will give you 
the authorized version of the name.


>On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 2:29 PM, Randi Knutson 
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>I am sorry, but I just cannot find this information anywhere, and our
>archivist doesn't know either.  For the attribute source in corpname, if it
>is the LOC Online Catalog, what is the code I should use for source?
>This actually illustrates the hardest part of creating a finding aid, at
>least for me.  The online docs do a great job of explaining what the
>elements are, but gloss over what the allowable attributes are....
>/end non-archivist opinion
>Thanks in advance, and sorry for the lame question.....

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