Mabye you could send the stylesheet to me or post some code.

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Yes, I know they are.  I was just explaining why we updated our version
of Saxon -- it was because the older version of Saxon that we had (it
was VERY old!) required the JVM and our IT people don't like JVM due to
security holes.  

The problem I'm having has nothing to do with JVM, you're right, it's
clearly related to Saxon itself.  As I said, somehow a portion of our
style sheet is being disregarded by this current version of Saxon.  Will
simply changing my style sheet to 2.0 will fix my problem?  It didn't
seem so but maybe I missed something?

Thanks --


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JVM and Saxon are two separate things.  There is no real benefit to 
using the new version of Saxon with as XSLT 1.0 stylesheet and the older

versions of Saxon should still work with the new version of JVM.  There 
are some speed improvements in Saxon after version 6.53, but other than 
that, the only real benefit is if you are parsing an XSLT 2.0