Looks like you fixed your problem already.

Ok, here goes:

Saxon 6.5.5 is a completely different build than previous Saxon processors. The reason is
because Michael Kay and other big XSLT gurus got together and created this version fixing all
previous errors, bugs, and compatibility issues (with java 2).

Saxon 6.5.5 is the processor of choice for XSLT 1.0. I use it.

Saxon 7 is a train wreck. Don't use Saxon 7. Don't use any version of Saxon 7. Michael Kay has even
said to me that Saxon 7 is a loser build.

Saxon 6.5.5 has a dependency on Java jre installed on your pc. There is no jvm dependency.

Bottom line: if you are using XSLT 1.0, stay with Saxon 6.5.5.

Have fun,

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Hi Mike --

I downloaded and tried 6.5.5 as well and yep, it works fine with that
one too.  Were you suggesting 6.5.5 because it doesn't need the JVM?  I
read the documentation section for 6.5.5 on Java prerequisites but I'm
not by any stretch a java programmer so it was pretty much all Greek to
me, but if that's the case then that would indeed solve my problem and
make my IT people happy!


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You could try parsing it with an earlier version of Saxon, like 6.5.5 to

see if that will work for you.