Hi Michele,

I would think it's OK by EAD either way, and depends mostly on what you want
out of this container listing. Is there a need for people to be able to pick
out city names very easily? Do we assume they already know what is here and
understand "A-G", or do they need to browse what is present? If what you are
worried about is display issues and want city names appear in a list-like
fashion, you could always use the EAD <list> element within your scope note.
I think it's wise to stay away from line breaks if they aren't necessary. Or
if you like the second method better but don't like the container repeating
20 times, you can suppress it in the Web output with your XSLT (see dsc6, 7,
12 or 13 of the EAD Cookbook for example code of how to do that).

Joyce Chapman

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 3:16 PM, Michele R Combs <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello conventional wisdom --
> Our standard procedure to date has been to use <c0#> no lower than the
> folder level, so if we have a folder and we want to list the individual
> items in it, the folder title is the <c0#><did><unittitle> and the list of
> items goes in a scope-content.  This has worked fine so far, but we are in
> the process of doing a large number of collections that are almost entirely
> in oversize packages with, obviously, no foldering at all.  Some of the
> boxes contain 30-40 items.  Assuming that we want the items listed, which if
> the following would be the optimal decision, do you think?  Or which adheres
> closest to the correct usage of the EAD elements?
> <c02><did><unittitle>A-G [alpha delimiters for contents]</unittitle>
>   <container type="Oversize">1</container></did>
>   <scopecontent><p>Amsterdam<lb/>Belfast<lb/>Carthage<lb/>...[etc]
> OR
> <c02><did><unittitle>Amsterdam</unittitle><container
> type="Oversize">1</container></did></c02>
> <c02><did><unittitle>Belfast</unittitle><container
> type="Oversize">1</container></did></c02>
> <c02><did><unittitle>Carthage</unittitle><container
> type="Oversize">1</container></did></c02>
> ...[etc]
> Or does it just not matter?  Obviously the end user doesn't care how it's
> done :)  Thoughts?.
> Michele
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