Just wanted to add one thing: If you are using the "authorized" form of
a name, from the Library of Congress authority file...

...then you'd use "lcnaf" in the SOURCE attribute. But if you get the
name in the LC *bibliographic* file of books, recordings, archival
collections, etc., etc...

...the name may or may not be the "authorized" version. If you don't
find the name in the authority file, what we did at the Northwest
Digital Archives (NWDA) — and I'm guessing they still do — was leave
the SOURCE attribute blank but use "AACR2" or "DACS" in the RULES
attribute — making sure to follow those rules, of course! If you're
not sure if the name you have follows the rules for formulating names in
AACR2 or DACS, it might be best to leave both attributes blank. 

Here's what the EAD version 2002 Tag Library says about personal names
and name attributes: 

You can also check the Tag Library about other types of names - a good
place to start is 

Names are not easy (and I've been a librarian for a frighteningly long


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