At MoMA we are using NoteTab Light for the creation of our EAD finding aids, including Saxon as our transform engine. Over the past two years we have had the program installed on six different machines and any problems that came up were figured out and resolved.

However, two weeks ago I received a new lap top (still running Windows 2000 unfortunately) and when I try to convert my xml into html I am receiving an error I've never seen before.

The little black pop up screen lists the location of the Saxon engine, the output file name and path, the input file name and path, and the path and name of my stylesheet. This is all correct and standard. Then it tells me this:

I've heard of Java virtual machine, so I'm kind of familiar with the concept, I went and found a download on Microsoft's site for their 2004 virtual machine (the 2007 version won't run on Windows2000) and installed it.

But the problem persists.

Andy ideas what the cause is and what needs to be done? My IT department is rather flummoxed, i.e. since they prepare all of our computers they don't know what might not have been done (if anything) to mine that has been done in the past.

Any help, on or off the list, is appreciated.

Jonathan Lill
Project Archivist
The Museum of Modern Art Archives
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