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         Terry Reese at Oregon State University has the most
experience with customizing CONTENTdm for finding aids.  Penn State
will is customizing it for our finding aids, but is taking an
innovative approach that searches our data rather than the EAD
documents.  Claremont College tried to use CONTENTdm, but I beleive
they moved away from it.  Also, CONTENTdm will release version 5.0 in
the near future, which is based on a very different search model.

  At 10:52 AM 10/2/2008, Blalack, Kate wrote:
>I am very interested in hearing an answer to this as well.
>Kate L. Blalack
>Visiting Asst. Professor and Special Collections Librarian
>Special Collections and University Archives
>Edmon Low Library, Room 204
>Oklahoma State University
>Stillwater, OK 74078
>(405) 744-6311
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>Subject: EAD and CONTENTdm
>I wonder if anyone on the list has experience they'd be able to
>share about using CONTENTdm to deliver finding aids. I've seen a
>number of options for doing this, including using CONTENTdm to
>deliver either PDFs or html pages of finding aids.
>My understanding, though, is that CONTENTdm should be able to import
>and deliver EAD xml files, providing a search interface that will
>allow users to search through content in each of the EAD elements.
>Has anyone had success in doing this?
>Thanks for any insights!
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