The next release of CONTENTdm (expected later this fall) will include improved EAD handling, including the ability to parse the EAD then customize a mapping of its tags to CONTENTdm metadata fields, and functionality to render an EAD, via DTD and XSL, as formatted HTML pages.  
More information about the improved EAD handling will be available upon release.
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Subject: Re: EAD and CONTENTdm

We abandoned this idea a while ago, partly but not solely due to
continuing problems in getting it working.  Although ContentDM has
nominal EAD support, the fact is that it's designed for images, not
text.  It simply doesn't handle EAD files in a very sophisticated
manner, and certainly doesn't take full advantage of the format.  For
example, ContentDM only indexes 7 of the EAD elements; dates, subject,
abstract and scopecontent are not among them and we felt those were
pretty important (see ).  Only the
first 128,000 characters are indexed for full-text searching.  Also,
ContentDM doesn't render the EAD before sending it out to the client, it
sends straight XML and puts the burden of rendering on the client-side;
since we couldn't predict what type of browser a researcher might be
using when they came to our site, we couldn't be sure it would display
the way we wanted it to.  That's less of a concern now that XML-capable
browsers are becoming more and more common, but still something to keep
in mind.

Caveat: our experience was a couple of years ago and things may be
different now!


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>Subject: EAD and CONTENTdm
>I wonder if anyone on the list has experience they'd be able to
>share about using CONTENTdm to deliver finding aids. I've seen a
>number of options for doing this, including using CONTENTdm to
>deliver either PDFs or html pages of finding aids.
>My understanding, though, is that CONTENTdm should be able to import
>and deliver EAD xml files, providing a search interface that will
>allow users to search through content in each of the EAD elements.
>Has anyone had success in doing this?
>Thanks for any insights!
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