I can confirm that when I sent in the application again yesterday, 
LibLime replied within minutes, so I'm looking forward to using the 
catalog next semester.

Those of you who are using live catalogs in class, whether Koha or not:

What kinds of things do you do with the technology?

While the possibilities are exciting, I'm wondering how to integrate 
yet another technological system into the course in a meaningful way.


>Hi all,
>Actually Koha's staff client is designed for and tested in FF only - the
>OPAC is tested in every browser we can get our hands on because we know that
>you don't have control over your patrons - but you do have control over your
>staff :)  Or in the case of Koha w/ Class - your students.
>The new Koha 3.0 is a huge improvement over other versions and we now have a
>dedicated staff member to answer Koha w/ Class questions - something we
>didn't have in the past.  We also have ME!  I've been a strong proponent of
>having a 'real' cataloging tool in classrooms and will do everything I can
>to make sure that Koha w/ Class is the best it can be so that future
>catalogers can use this great tool!
>I missed the very beginning of this dicsussion - but you may be interested
>in this most recent news item:
>Lastly, I can tell you from a recent student's point of view, the one
>complaint we all had in cataloging class was that we were using MS Word to
>catalog instead of seeing the tools we might be using once in the library.
>Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
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>Open Source Evangelist, LibLime
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