I have used Koha w/ Class in my cataloging class and the students loved it.
Like in most ILSs, there are several modules to work with and configure. In the
cataloging module, students were able to create new MARC bib records, import
MARC records from LC's online database (or others allowing access), and make
changes to those records in Koha once imported. We didn't import authority

In the circulation module, students set up all the circulation rules for adding
patrons and their user privileges.

Koha offered students hands-on experience with an ILS and, I believe, they
benefited greatly from it. Working with electronic records seemed to help them
understand how encoding works, they can see results in the OPAC, and finally
make the "ah ha" realization of how it all works.

One advantage of using Koha w/ Class is that it is provided by LibLime and
they set up the server side of the software. This has the advantage that you
don't have to mess with the server side, but at times, I wanted to get into that
side and make adjustments. Koha can be set up on your own servers, in which case
you would not need to use Koha w/ Class by Lib Lime.

My only complaint with version 2.0 that it did not offer a Dublin Core or
non-MARC environment, but I believe that the latest version 3.0 may now accept
multiple encoding formats.

Oh, I should mention, that I had to be persistent with LibLime to get our UA's
installation set up, but they finally came through. Since they provide this as a
courtesy and free service, we fall behind their paying customers, as expected.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Marly Helm
University of Arizona
Arizona State Museum Library
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