Are most of your doctoral students full-time? From New York? Do you think that being in the NYC area makes residency easier?

I'd also be interested to know if any of our online PhD programs have students in information organization and what they do to make that work.


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I wasn't following this thread closely until I saw Hope's note yesterday, so I apologize if I miss the point a bit. We have about 60 students in our Ph.D. in Information Studies program. I wouldn't say that any of them are "doctoral students in cataloging," although certainly we would welcome that. I have two graduates who are teaching basic courses in library schools, and a candidate who teaches our basic course for us. I have 7 students writing dissertations at the moment, all of them squarely in knowledge organization, but none directly related to cataloging. In my knowledge organization seminar this semester I have 11 students, all working on KO research; two are working on cataloging issues--one on subject headings for Spanish speakers, the other on 5th-grade-friendly terminology. So that's sort of a toss-up from LIU I guess.

I would say that I would welcome students who had an interest in cataloging related research agendas. I would *really* like to see some historical work. Who wants to work with me on a dissertation about Dorcas Fellows?


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