Here at UW-Milwaukee I cover Dublin Core and MODS in detail, with a lot of hands-on work in both of those schemes; VRA Core 4.0 in moderate detail; and I just survey EAD, LOM, TEI Header and many other schemes by showing examples or having some simple exercises.  Students work with LCTGM, AAT, and TGN vocabularies and other vocabulary and syntax encoding schemes commonly used in DC and MODS.  Also with OAI-DC XML, mapping from DC to MODS, and creating an original MODS record in full XML, their own original data dictionaries, following the CONTENTdm template model, and part of a DC Application Profile.  We also cover the DCAM and RDF.  

This semester I am using the wonderful new Metadata book by Marcia Zeng and Jian Qin, so students are exposed to everything presented in that text.  This book is a godsend to those teaching metadata courses in LIS schools, in my opinion! 

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Are schools offering separate metadata courses now, and if so what else are 
they teaching besides the Dublin Core scheme , are we teaching EAD, VRA etc 
in them also? 

Ive attended two different workshops recently for librarians on Metadata for 
ContentDM which had basic exercises and also helpful information on using 
the standard vocabularies with metadata etc   Many libraries are using more 
than Dublin Core with projects these days as you all know, so am interested 
to hear how and where it's being included.  In terms of digital library 
collections esp. you will hear many in the audiences and presenters saying 
"I used to be a cataloger but now I call myself ...."  :-) 

Best, Karen 

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> In the intro class, we do an in-class DC exercise. Then, I usually have 
> them create a DC record on their own as part of their description 
> assignment. I thought about a worksheet, but I want the students to be able 
> to choose to use qualifiers as needed, repeat elements as needed, and to 
> interact with creating the record in an electronic environment. 
> Danny 
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>  Re: [eduCAT] A good Dublin Core template?: 
> How do you plan to use it in your instruction?  (I miss the Nordic Metadata 
>> template too). I start students with hand work (a worksheet) at the 
>> introductory level. 
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