Hello all,

Of late, there has been some discussion about the future of doctoral
education in the information organization/cataloging area. I am curious to
know which schools actually have doctoral students in this area now and how
many. I am also curious to know if you feel they will be prepared to teach
traditional cataloging courses, as well as information organization and/or
metadata courses?

I am giving a talk in a couple of weeks about the state of cataloging
education and while I have a lot of data about masters courses, I'd like to
get a better sense of the current state of doctoral education in this area.
Are we facing a big problem or do we have enough people in the pipeline that
we may be okay? I am looking for your impressions as well as your numbers.

If you would be kind enough to respond, I would greatly appreciate it. You
can reply back on this list or to me personally at: [log in to unmask]


Danny Joudrey

Assistant Professor
GSLIS, Simmons College
Boston, MA