We installed the version that was available about a year ago on our servers. While the cataloging module was useful, there were some issues with how it integrated with the authorities module and how authorized headings were displayed in the OPAC. For example, the heading, TAYLOR, ARLENE G., 1941-  was split into two hyperlinks, one for Taylor and another for 1941- . It caused some odd retrieval glitches. So, while it was fine to add records (both bib and authority), the user interface made it difficult to show how it was supposed to come together "seamlessly" in the OPAC.

For all I know, they have since resolved the problem because this was a year or so ago that I had this experience.


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> I had the exact same experience--signed up for free classroom installation
> and then never heard anything from the company. I looked at a demo at the
> booth at the last TLA conference and thought it looked great and very much
> wanted to use it.
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