A design principles document is an excellent idea, Rhonda - thank you! I've added this to our (quickly growing) list of possible activities for the Committee.


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This is a welcome development! Thank you from all of us who use MODS/MADS.

I have a suggestion for the new Editorial Committee. Please take a look
at the "Design Principles for Enhancements to EAD" It would be a great service to the
MODS/MADS community of users if you could draft guidelines such as these
for those of us who would like to send in additions and corrections to
the schema.

Rhonda Marker

Sally H. McCallum wrote:
> I am pleased to announce the establishment of a MODS/MADS Editorial
> Committee to maintain and develop the Metadata Object Description Schema,
> the Metadata Authority Description Schema, and their supporting
> documentation.  With the increase in stakeholders, especially for use with
> digital projects, the "open listserv" form of maintenance needed to give
> way to a more measured process.  However, the MODS listserv will remain the
> primary communication vehicle for hearing about needs for the schemas and
> for asking questions about and requesting review of possible changes.
> The Committee, a group of MODS implementers with diverse experience, will
> have its first (virtual) meeting in late October.  The members are:  Jenn
> Riley, Indiana University (Chair); Joe Altimus, Arizona State University;
> Ann Caldwell, Brown University; Bill Landis, Yale University; Sarah
> Shreeves, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign; Robin Wendler, Harvard
> University; Terry Reese, Oregon State; Bill Leonard, Library and Archives
> Canada; John Chapman, OCLC; Jan Ashton, British Library; Rebecca Guenther,
> Library of Congress; Sally McCallum, Library of Congress.  Jenn Riley, who
> agreed to serve as chair, was also a leader in the development of the
> Aquifer Guidelines for MODS, and, of course, an implementer at IU.
> The MODS Editorial Committee has the following goals:
>   Set direction and priorities for MODS and MADS development
>   Approve additions, corrections and revisions of the MODS and MADS schemas
>   Maintain the MODS and MADS guidelines, reviewing and providing revisions
> as needed
>   Promote use and understanding of MODS and MADS for appropriate applications
>   Interact with other metadata efforts and standards where there is
> synergy (e.g. MARC, Dublin Core, METS, and PREMIS)
> A page for the Committee will be added to the MODS Web site in the near
> future.
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