Hello all,

By some amazing stroke of luck all 12 of us are available Monday, Oct. 27, at 11 AM EDT, for one hour, for the first MODS Editorial Committe conference call. See <> for this time in other time zones (US PDT and London time). Please mark your calendars!

I've started an agenda at <>. Please let me know if there are items you'd like to discuss. I'll send out a reminder a few days before the meeting with a final agenda.

It will be useful for each of us to have contact information for the rest. On the committee roster page <>, please list your work phone.

Please also read through the proposed changes on the Wiki prior to our first call. We won't have time to discuss each of them in detail on that call, but seeing the scope of what's proposed will help us decide what the best strategy for moving forward is.

Thank you to everyone for a good start - looking forward to speaking with you!